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Just after this eatery became kosher (Vaad Harabonim Riverdale), we ate there and wrote about our less than positive experience.

Lo, these many years later, we gave it another try. We were very pleased. The tables are far enough apart so that you can have a private conversation. Waiters do not hover, but they are quick to serve your ongoing dinner needs.

The food? Quite, quite tasty! We were three people and it was late, so we only each had a main course. All of the food was good. We had the sesame chicken, the General Tso and orange beef. Each dish was served hot, fresh, and tasty. We each enjoyed our meals very much. In fact, we all agreed that we would go back again!

Prices are moderate: And egg roll is $2.95. Wonton Soup is $3.95. The sesame chicken was $19.00 and the General’s bird was $18.00. The orange beef was $20.00

If you are in Riverdale, check it out. You will be glad you did.