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Polish Ritual Slaughter Ban Remains In Place After Vote
Shmarya Rosenberg •

The lower house of the Polish parliament voted to block a government plan to reinstate kosher and halal animal slaughter by a margin of 222-178 today, the AP reported.

Until halal and kosher slaughter were banned in January, Poland exported a significant amount of beef to Israel and to Muslim countries. However, religious slaughter was banned because of pressure from animal welfare groups who are concerned that those types of slaughter cause animals to suffer unnecessarily because neither kosher or halal slaughter typically allows sedation or stunning of animals before slaughter.

The Polish government wanted the ban lifted because of the money it costs the Polish economy and because it claims the ban has cost the country about 6,000 jobs. 13 percent of Poles are unemployed.

Orthodox Jewish groups condemned Parliament’s vote, with the Conference of European Rabbis calling this a sad day for Polish and European Jews.