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With Purim just around the corner, it is not too soon to think about Pesach. Immediately after Purim, we shall post our annual Pesach FAQ. Although it will run at the top of our daily blog, new articles will be posted directly below it.

As in the past, we will also post our position on kitniyot, mei kitniyot (i.e., derivatives of kitniyot such as oils) and peanuts. In the case of peanuts, we are probably the only place where you will be able to read Rabbi Feinstein’s (A”H) tshuvah. You will see that his opinion is almost never reported accurately and/or completely.

As in the past, we urge our readers to beware of much of what is written out there. Far too much of it is not based in halacha (Jewish law). Too much of it is just opinions of some rabbi or other based on his/their intuition and supposed ability to discern the will of God. We pride ourselves on the fact that we try to tell you what is Jewish law and what is custom. We also will tell you when we think the Sefardi custom is acceptable for all Jews.

Continuing our past offering, we are available at special email addresses for your questions. Those are:

One final thought: we always tell people that they should buy their Pesach meat very early and freeze it until you are ready to cook it. That way you might actually succeed in missing some of the inevitable price increases as we grow ever closer to Pesach.

We love when butchers post a sign saying that their meat is NOW kosher for Passover. Plain and simple- it always was!