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Yup, we have already seen the letters sent to retailers from kosher meat and chicken purveyors. Fairly large price increases have begun already. The usual reasons are cited- increased cost of grain, increased cost of fuel for transportation, increased need to hire more workers to meet the demand, etc. In fact the only reason the letters did not cite was: “Hey, it’s Pesach and we can get away with it.”

In truth, costs are up and those increases obviously get passed along. Equally true is the fact that most Pesach items are over priced. During the year, we often use frozen veggies. During Pesach, we only use fresh. We refuse to pay the wildly inflated prices they charge for KP frozen veggies.

Now is the time to buy your meat for Pesach. Buy it, freeze it and then cook it when you are ready. You will save money. You will save time, for if you buy now, you can beat the huge traffic jams at the cash registers and, finally, you will be able to walk down relatively uncluttered and not very busy aisles.