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We have traveled throughout a large chunk of the world over the years. Some places are places we go back to often. In each of those places, we have our favorite hotel, a place where we feel most at home. Those hotels are always special to us for varying reasons, but the bottom line is always service.

This past January (2013), we stayed at the Dan Panorama in Jerusalem for our nineteenth time. After all this time, the Dan P is still our most favorite hotel in the world. Hey, Israel is our favorite destination, so it makes sense that a hotel there would be our fave.

Yet there is more to it than just that. If we could rent an apartment at the Dan P, we would. Although it is El Al that advertizes “hachi babayit ba-olam (the most at home in the world),” for us it is the Dan P that earns that motto.

Where ever we go, we make it a point to meet people, especially hotel people. Over the years, we have met many fascinating and wonderful people. At the Dan P we know most of the Executive Staff, all the front end staff, and most of the dining room staff.

Service is incredible at the hotel. Each employee seems to like his/her job and it shows in their attitude to their guests. Over the years, we have met many people who work at the hotel and who are now real friends. We exchange emails and phone calls all the time. Where else in the world does that happen?

Our grandchildren are treated like VIP’s at the hotel and much of the staff knows them by name and by dining room preferences. Our four year old grandson stands in the lobby and welcomes guests as they come in the door to check in-that is how comfortable he is there.

Do we have a love affair with the Dan P? You bet we do! When we are there, we are treated like family (albeit without the yelling!) While looking for an apartment in Jerusalem, several friends at the hotel actively helped us with our search.

The rooms are great. The dining room is a delight. The food is to die for. Service, service, service- that is the Dan P.

When we were there in Jan, on our last day, a great number of friends came to our table at breakfast and gave us a hug and a kiss. Each one wanted to know when we would be back. Leaving the hotel is always like saying “so long” to family when you go away for a while.

Please God, our 20th visit is coming up soon, and once again, we will be at home, at the Dan P.

To all of our friends at the hotel- you are all very special and we can never thank you enough for how wonderful you all are.

For the rest of you out there- go to Israel. And when you go, stay at the Dan Panorama Jerusalem. Hey, there really is no place better!

The Dan P is a Kosher Nexus Five Fork award winner!