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VIVENTE brand sweetener is the new kid in town. What do you call a no calorie sweetener that helps with weight control, fortifies your immune system, promotes healthy digestion and helps build strong bones? You call it Vivente.

Certified by the KA-AlefAlef, this sweetener dissolves in liquids, has no preservatives, is vegan friendly, and suitable for diabetics. It is pareve, gluten free, contains no sugar, no aspartame, no sucralose or phenylanlanine. It has, additionally, a low glycemic index.

It is fortified with soluble fiber Metlin and probiotics. It is also a very healthy alternative to sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

Metlin is a high purity blue agave powdered inulin. It has zero calories, almost tasteless, restores intestinal flora equilibrium and is all around just plain good for you. It is also USDA certified organic.

Before putting our tea bag in the mug, we tried the hot water with Vivente in it. It was quite good. The sweetener is subtle, yet clearly there, yielding a satisfyingly sweet taste.

We say, Go for it!