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There is one branch of this restaurant that is actually in Rechavia. We ordered food to be delivered. It came fairly quickly and quite hot. Located at 31 Aza, the restaurant has Rabbanut supervision. Frankly, the food is delish!

We ordered the following:

TORI KATSU Panko coated chicken breasts on rice with Japanese coconut curry sauce with coriander and scallions.

PAD THAI Noodles, tempura chicken and tofu chunks, peanuts, egg drops, cabbage, carrots, scallions,sprouts and a sweet Pad Thai sauce.

KOREAN DISH Sirloin and chicken strips, scallions, onions, sprouts, Korean BBQ sauce served on a bed of brown and white rice.

We also had: Chicken eggrolls and Miso soup for everyone to share.

Everything was truly excellent. Portions are not huge, but neither are they lacking. Frankly, it was just enough.

Prices were very reasonable.

Well worth the trip!