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The Seth Greenberg Story

Seth Greenberg baked great brownies, the best in New York, the media repeatedly agreed. But his daughter ate only the crispy edges. “Brownie heaven!” she called them. Seth’s father, William Greenberg, Jr., had baked great brownies. In fact, everything William Greenberg had baked was great. His cheesecake had been hailed as “the standard by which all others are judged.” His apple pie was honored by The New York Times as the best in the city, bar none.

In 1946, fresh from The Army, where he served 6,000 meals daily, William founded William Greenberg, Jr. Desserts in Manhattan and it became a New York institution. Seth joined his father in 1977. Since then, he’s baked for such NY celebrities as Rudy Giuliani, Estée Lauder and Bill Clinton; however… as he watched his daughter break off and enthusiastically eat the crispy edges of the brownies he’d learned to bake at his father’s elbow, Seth remembered that as a boy he’d done the same with William’s brownies. Perhaps it was time to rethink the very concept of the brownie.

The result? The Brownie Reinvented! It consists entirely of those crispy edges and it’s called BROWNIE CRUNCH,

FLAVORS: Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Toffee Chip

SOUTHWEST BROWNIE CRUNCH FLVORS: Jalapeno, Chipolte and Chile Pepper

The product is certified Kof-K Dairy These are winners!