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Long time readers know that we have often said that we worship at the shrine of Bone Suckin’ Sauce and all of the (kosher) offerings from the Ford family. We were totally delighted, therefore, to see these two new kosher offerings.

Let the Fords tell you:

While we love all of our all natural products, I think we are most excited that everything we sell is now 100% gluten free,” said Sandi Ford, President of Ford‘s Gourmet Foods. “ We’re thrilled to introduce New products.

The New Products Are:
Bone Suckin’ Steak Seasoning & Rub
“Good grilling recipes come from backyard cookouts with good
friends” was the inspiration for our new Steak Seasoning & Rub. Turn Your Home into a Steak House!
Super easy – Put on steaks, place on grill and enjoy the compliments! Also great on hamburgers, steak fries and casseroles.

Bone Suckin’ Seafood Seasoning & Rub
“Born on the North Carolina coast, our Bone Suckin’ Seafood
Seasoning is all you need to add great flavor to your favorite fish. Use amply for that Bone Suckin’ flavor,” said Ford.

These are new products being introduced at the Winter Fancy Food show. Watch for them at your favorite kosher emporium.