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Although we have eaten night meals on Shabbat at the Dan P, we have never had a dinner in the dining room during the week. Last night we decided to join the several hundred Christian tourists staying at the hotel in the dining room.

Well, it was an amazing meal. The buffet featured: a fish dish, steamed vegetable medley, mashed potatoes, mini Italian sausages in a chunky tomato sauce, stir fried chicken in Chinese noodles, something that looked like a fat egg roll and was filled with a wonderful meat stuffing, and an amazing array of salads. Most of the salads were not the same as the morning salads. Once again, the hummus was amazingly fresh.

There were various iterations of marinated vegetables at the salad station,as well as the usual cut up veggies and regular salad. We must say, the salads we tried were taam gan eden!

Dessert? The pastry chef at the Dan P proves that pareve cakes can be true gustatory delights. As we were too full to try any, we asked people what they thought of the desserts. One nice fellow said “I know Jewish people do not eat dairy and meat together, so the fake whipped cream sure could pass for real.”

The waiters were attentive and whisked away dishes quickly and efficiently. Pitchers of ice water were on each table. Coffee and tea service was readily available.

The true star of the evening, however, was the food. Wow was it ever good! We probably ate more than we should, but it was so worth it. Kudos to the chef!

Would we eat there again? In a NY minute!