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Here at the Kosher Nexus, we pride ourselves on our foodie credentials. When we saw this press release, we were intrigued. Then we read it and our dominant thought was, “Gosh, we hope it is trefe so that no one who keeps kosher will be tempted to spend that much money, money better spent on tikkun olam, for a sauce. Ok, so it is an amazing sauce! Even so, it is waaaaaay over the line!

Dave’s Gourmet unveils the World’s Most Expensive Pasta Sauce to commemorate its 20th anniversary. The $1,000 per jar White Truffle Marinara is handmade by Dave’s using fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, imported Italian white truffles and edible gold flakes. Each jar is packed in an antique handcrafted wooden box bearing the company’s insignia. The White Truffle Marinara will be produced in limited quantities; each jar takes approximately six weeks from ordering to delivery