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Billing itself as the “trail mix of the exodus,” this Kof-K certified product is the first kosher for Passsover “granola” that we have ever seen. The label on the can says it all: matzo granola breakfast and nosh.

Contents: matzo, almonds, raisins, maple syrup, evaporated cane juice, cottonseed oil, dried coconut, walnuts, pecans and vanilla extract.

we tried it at Kosher Fest. Plain and simple: WE LOVED IT!

We got a small sample (ok, more than one), brought it home and had it on some yogurt. We tried a little with milk. We ate it as a snack. We did not try it on ice cream, but that was only because we ran out of sample.

This one is a winner folks. We have put this on our must buy list for this Pesach. One taste, and you will, too!