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Located at 31 Rechov Azah, this little spot is truly a gem. The restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating. Strangely enough, we have never been there. We drive past it all the time when we are in Jerusalem. We have eaten their food many, many times. It’s just that we always order it delivered to the kids’ apartment.

Delivery time is quick and the food is excellent. We love the Korean dish featuring strips of steak and chicken in a wonderful sauce along with many Asian vegetables, served over two beds of rice- one brown, one white. The food always arrives hot and tasty. We also like their egg rolls. They offer chicken or veggie egg rolls. We prefer the chicken. Somewhat smaller than American egg rolls (in fact more like spring rolls), they are very well made, crunchy and delish!

We are not fans of sushi, but our resident experts here proclaim it to be exceptional. Even the four year old grandson loves it! And make no mistake about it- he is a child with strong opinions and the discriminating taste to back those opinions up.

There is also a branch of the restaurant on Emek Refaim, in the German colony.