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British scientists have created a super broccoli that has three times more glucoraphanin (it may lower rates of heart disease and some cancers). The scientists cross bred regular British broccoli with a wild Sicilian variety. Here in the States, it is marketed under the brand name of Beneforte. According to those who have tasted this new, super broccoli, it has a slightly sweeter flavor than does regular broccoli because it contains a smaller amount of sulpher. (um, that would sort of answer the obvious question.)

In Australia, scientists have created a new variety of strawberry, one of which is the Rubygem strawberry. It has a glossy red color and an intense flavor. Right now, the only place these berries are grown is in Turkey, and they are not for sale here in the States.

Researchers claim that in no time they will have a bubble gum flavored strawberry as well as several other flavors. Oh yay.


And now for some potentially great news. Up north in Quebec, scientists are studying the possible SPF benefit of chocolate. The study is based on the observation that chocolates that are rich in the anti-oxidant flavonal reach the upper layers of skin and thus counteract the free radicals generated by exposure to UV radiation.
Hey, whoda thunk it- eating chocolate may lower your risk of skin problems!