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Not too long ago, we bought a Kyocera ceramic chef’s knife. The knife was amazing. The blade was unbelievably sharp and it was a pleasure to use the knife. Alas, a well meaning friend offered to make a festive meal for a bunch of us, and he managed to break the knife by being careless. That is the problem with ceramic knives- you have to treat them very carefully. Which he did not.

That, however, has not deterred us from ceramics in cookware. We recently tried the Bialetti Aeternum ceramic coated pan. Wowzers!

It has its limitations, but for making eggs it is the ne plus ultra of pans. The inner surface of the pan is super slippery, so the eggs never stick. There is NO Teflon in these babies. And you need not lubricate the interior very much, so you can cut down on fats.

A report we read said that the pans were also good at making crispy chicken thighs. As we do not eat chicken thighs, we will take their word for it.

Go to the web site and see what they have to offer. Then buy a pan. You are sure to love it as much as we love ours!