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Those small boxes with the even smaller straw are ubiquitous. Whether filled with juice, chocolate milk, regular milk or some other beverage (but alas, no “Jack” and “Coke” boxes), those little squeeze boxes are perfect for our fast-paced society. So why not applesauce, too?

How many times while sitting in the park, riding the subway or a bus, or while reading a good book on Kindle have we thought, “Wow! If only we had an applesauce right now.”

Now you can! Yes, boys and girls, it is Applesauce On The Go from Available at your local food emporium or specialty shop.

Certified by the OU (older ones may have the OK instead), this product has no gluten, no nuts, is pareve and 100% natural fruit. Shelf life is one year from day of processing.

What flavors, you ask?
Applesauce with Strawberries
Applesauce with Banana
Applesauce with Cinnamon
Applesauce with Peach

We have tried all of them. Our two faves are the banana and the peach.