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We grew up eating a lot of organ meat. It didn’t kill us. In fact, we miss some of it. Some of it we don’t miss at all!

Miltz- spleen A soft meat, sliced thin and eaten with the usual over cooked veggie side dishes

Lungen- lungs We ate it, but no memories of it come to mind.

Udder- udder Again, we ate it, but we have no memory of it at all.

Brains- brains Soft and chewy and some times squishy. Tasty but hard to forget what it is.

Tongue- tongue We enjoyed tongue sandwiches, tongue polanaise, etc. Then we saw what it looked like whole and that was the end of that!

Ox tail soup Just what you think. Not bad, actually

Feeselach chicken feet First remember to clip the nails! Weird looking as they stuck out of the bowl, but loved by those who would also suck out the marrow from “di beine” (bones). Not too sure what they got by sucking on the legs, however.

Hertzen- chicken hearts Not a big favorite in our home. Good for nothing. Or for really big, poor families.

Gribines- fried chicken skin The Jewish version of potato chips. Loaded with fat and cholesterol.

Pupik (or pipik depending from where you hail) Loved by many. Hated by just as many.

There were others, but they have faded from memory (thankfully). Life is so much simpler. But every now and then, we miss a really good piece of miltz…………..