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Archive: January 2011


Posted on January 3, 2011

TUMS OFTEN IS FOUND NOW WITHOUT THE DIAMOND K HECHSCHER. THE FOLLOWING LETTER FROM THE MANUFACTURER EXPLAINS WHY: Most Tums® variants are kosher. Tums® receives a Kosher Certificate from Diamond K Supervision. The last certificate was dated October 1, 2009 and was effective through September 30, 2010. When we made a change to the Tums Continue Reading »


Posted on January 3, 2011

Kashrus Magazine has a web site that lists non Orthodox hashgachot. We get it- we really do. Yet, on another level, we are bothered by the notion. Labels are very convenient and serve useful purposes. But labels can also be used to obfuscate. It seems to us that the purpose of listing non Orthodox supervision Continue Reading »