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Long time readers of this blog know that the last time we went to Lucianna (over a year ago), we were positive we would never go back. The experience was just so unacceptable on so many levels, we felt that we had no reason to ever go there again. On a scale of one to ten, the food is a solid 8. The service is a minus ten! As we have noted before, there is almost no notion of customer service in Israel. Frankly, most places do not care if you shop there or not. Sort of like that old joke about meal time on El Al. Crew member: Do you want dinner? Passenger: What are the choices ? Crew member: Or yes, or no!

The other day, some friends insisted that we do lunch at Lucianna’s. After much insisting on their part, we went. The food is still worth writing home about. The service is still substandard.

People who came after us and who ordered the same meals that we had ordered, got their food about ten minutes before we did.

We asked for a pitcher of ice water three times from three different waiters. When the water finally came, it was fresh from the tap- not even evidence of an ice cube. We get it- they do not make money on water. But if the customer wants water, give him water.

We told our waiter that we wanted to order one extra meal for takeout for someone who could not make it. The waiter left and never came back to take the order. Finally, we stopped another waiter and made it clear that we expected him to take the order.

As has been the case in the past, no one asked if we wanted dessert or coffee or tea.

Food 8 Service -10

Some things never change.