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This is one of the best press releases we have ever seen. The product is OU-D

Baconnaise™, available in Regular and Lite, is the newest addition to the J&D’s family.

We started with a customer request to make “spreadable bacon, namely mayonnaise.” At first, we were skeptical. Mostly because neither one of us really liked mayo much.

Then we started talking to people about whether a bacon-flavored mayonnaise would fly. We heard from a lot of people that just couldn’t wait for us to make it so they could use it on everything. They told us that sometimes they didn’t want salt, they just wanted bacon – so just mixing Bacon Salt and mayonnaise wouldn’t cut it. They wanted less mayo taste and more bacon taste – it should be Baconnaise, not “Mayocon” we heard. And many people requested a Lite and a Regular version, because some people loved Lite mayos and some people hated it (with a passion).

So we set out on another bacon-flavored adventure. Could we make a mayonnaise product that met our own high bacony standards? Could we get people as excited as they were for Bacon Salt (for which shrines have been built and songs have been written)?

It was at that point that we began a very unhealthy morning routine: eat a slice of bacon, try a version of Baconnaise, eat a slice of bacon. Compare. Improve. Repeat. Over the 6 months it took us to make Baconnaise, we estimate that we probably ate 20 pounds of bacon, consumed 5 large jars of mayonnaise and took 2 years off of our lives – looking for that exact and delicious flavor that we would be proud to call Baconnaise.

And then we did it. We tasted the smooth and slightly smoky taste that would henceforth be known as Baconnaise, The Ultimate Bacon Flavored Spread. We put it on sandwiches, salads, dips, fish, chicken, burgers and more. And they were all delicious!

But was it just us? We wanted to know. Had we ruined our taste buds eating so much bacon and mayo? So we had other people taste it. Our friends. Our family. The electrician. The box maker. The women at the deli. Anyone that came into our office. Random people on the street.

And here’s what we heard:

* From our friends: “Dude. Are you serious?? That’s incredible. Dude. Dude. Dude.” (it’s a Gen X thing)
* From our families, who, along with us, taste tested more mayonnaise than any human being should ever eat: “You’re making me taste that again? Fine… Oh. Oh wow. Oh man. That’s perfect! Can I have more?” (sorry, none left)
* From the electrician: “Whoa. Give me some, and the lights in your office are free. Damn.” (free lights, yeah!)
* From the women at the deli: “Ooooh. Get me a sandwich. I’m putting this on a sandwich right now. Nice.” (turkey and Baconnaise: win)
* From the box maker (with Texas accent): “OK, now. Tell me a sandwich that wouldn’t taste better with that?? What wouldn’t I put this on? Why would I ever use mayonnaise? Why? I’m never buying regular mayonnaise again.” (we still don’t have an answer for that one)