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KosherToday Exclusive: Resurgent Kosher Meat Market Faces New Market Challenges
New York…The stage is set for the return of glatt kosher beef from Agri Star Meat and Poultry to many supermarket shelves, but the circumstances are far different than those that the company’s predecessors Agriprocessor left behind nearly two years ago. Industry sources say that there is no shortage of either glatt kosher poultry or beef in the marketplace, with the exception of several small markets that the former Agri served but other producers do not consider cost effective. In fact, the industry has experienced significant change since the ill-fated federal raid and subsequent bankruptcy of Agriprocessor, most notably the emergence of several new players in the industry, particularly in poultry. Agri Star, under the management of Jewish businessman and philanthropist Hershey Friedman, had been producing as many as 20,000 chickens a day contributing to what industry sources say is a “major glut of poultry products” and what has emerged in many markets as an unprecedented price war. The anticipated return of the beef from the Postville, Iowa plant was praised by local cattle farmers that have suffered as a result of the Agri shutdown of its beef production. The company itself is touting the resumed production as offering “extremely high quality” meat products. ****************

So here are the questions on our mind: What price war? Where is it?
Second, so how come kosher chicken cutlets still cost more than FIVE TIMES AS MUCH AS NON KOSHER??