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We pray that you and yours will have a kosher, happy and meaningful Pesach. Here at the Kosher Nexus, Pesach is our favorite holiday, and we suspect that it is for many of you, too.

If you eat gebrokts, may your matzah balls be light and fluffy. May your brisket be tasty and not over cooked (ie, not cooked Jewish style!) May your wine be a nice dry or semi dry wine (and not malaga!) (No offense to the malaga lovers out there!) May your kugels be the stuff that Pesach compliments are made of. And may your veggies be al dente!

Most of all, may you have a kosher, happy and blessed Pesach. We hope to see you all right after Pesach.

Chag kasher v’sameach
Rabbi Jeffrey Rappoport Editor in Chief
Deborah Wenger Production Editor