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El Al’s publicity claims that it is “hachi babyit ba-olam- the most at home in the world.” We believe that motto really applies to the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem.

Long time readers of this blog know that we always stay at the Dan P when we are in Jerusalem. It is our Israel home. In fact, we have been trying to get them to build us an apartment there, but so far no dice!

Our most recent stay was for nine days, and what a nine days they were. The staff at the Dan P is amazing. From the top to the bottom (so to speak), the staff are all wonderful, outgoing, helpful and friendly. Admittedly, when you are there two or three times every year, the staff all gets to know you, but the fact is that every one at the Dan P is treated as if they are a VIP guest. The hotel earns huge points on its superlative service to its guests.

Hotel General Manager, Yehuda Kraus is a constant presence in the hotel. He greets guests and makes sure that they are contented. Natalie, his executive assistant, does daily duty in the dining room, speaking with the guests and making sure that they are happy and contented. Natalie will tell a guest, “Tell me your name and I will always remember it.” The amazing thing is, she does!

Rooms at the Dan P are comfortable and well kept. Bathrooms are kept fully stocked. Every day, some one makes sure to restock the coffee and tea supplies in each room.

We admit- we really like the food at the Dan P. Breakfasts are the usual Jewish orgy of food. All the foods at breakfast are super fresh and served in a most attractive manner. On Shabbat, the two main meals are, again, a veritable riot of color, taste and goodness. In fact, it is hard to decide what to eat, because, after all, no one could eat one of everything they serve!

The dining room staff are the unsung hereos of the hotel. They are among the most solicitous and helpful people we have ever encountered. Once they know your preferences, they have them ready for you seconds after you arrive. As they get to know you, they greet you by name, but even before that, you are greeted with big smiles and a generous show of appreciation for your visit.

Over at the front end, we are always amazed at Issam Habash. Issam is sort of the Sovereign of his realm. We have never seen him at a loss when it is time to help a guest. Similarly, Marcel, in guest realtions, is sort of like having a kindly uncle in the house. Issam is the sort of person, by the way, who having arranged transportation for you will then phone the driver during the day to make sure that all is well. Marcel, too, is a wonderful person who helps with everything you need.

When we arrived this trip, we were registering when Meirav, Reservations manager, came to the desk and said, “Welcome, we gave you your usual room.” “Our usual room,” we asked? She said, “Where do you always stay?” We seem to stay in one certain room all the time. In fact, it has gotten to the point that the room greets us when we get there!!

During our stay, we were treated like royalty. We were a small group of friends- five people- who were made to feel as if we were the most important people in the world.

Sure, you coud find a hotel where you would pay less, but you would regret that decision. You could spend more, much more, but why bother? The Dan P is the perfect place to stay.

The Dan P is our Jerusalem home. Make it yours,too!