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We recently had the opportunity to eat at Goldberg’s during a brief visit to Baltimore. Located at 1500 Reistertown Rd, and certified by the Star-K, the restaurant is a most interesting place. Upon entry, there are two counters- one for just buying baked goods and the other for ordering food. Once you order, they give you a number tag, and you take a table in the second room and wait for a waiter to appear with your order.

We were there on a Sunday at lunch time. The place was mobbed! As a result, the service was a tad on the slow side. Additionally, the noise level is just shy of concert volume! People who ordered after we did got their food before we did, but that may have more to do with what we ordered than with anything else.

By and large, the food is worth the wait. Nothing fancy here, but all of it is good. We were a large group and we all ordered different things: pizza bagel, egg on a bagel, bagel and schmear, bagel with veggies and who remembers what else? The bagels are good- not great, but they are good. They are very tasty and come in a variety of flavors. Beyond the usual, they have chocolate chip bagels, Jalapeno, sun dried tomato, honey whole wheat, blueberry, oat bran, multi grain, black Russian (pump with seeds) and marble rye. The crust could be a tad crustier, but the interior is quite good.

They offer omelets, sandwiches, salad platters, pancakes, waffles, blintzes, eggs any way you want them, wraps and lots and lots of bagel-and combos. There is a yogurt bar and a salad bar (by the pound). Ice cream and beverages round out the menu.

Prices are quite good. There is no ambiance as it is just a big cafeteria style room.

The next time we are in Baltimore, would we eat there again? Most definitely.