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Located on Shlomtzion St, center city, Black’s is a great bar! Seating is generous. The bar features a humongous TV screen featuring beer ads and music videos on the night we were there. The screen is over 100 inches and is like looking at a movie screen.

We LOVE the food there! We have had take out from there in the past, but this time we went there. Five of us ate for a very reasonable amount of money. We had beer and soda to drink. The food there is typical bar food, but it is VERY good!

Some of the burgers there are:
Norma Jean which is made from entrecote, and the Greenbuger with spinach and nuts. They also have one called the Three tenors, which is three smaller burgers, one all beef, one Greenbuger , and a chicken burger served with salad. Two of us had the Norma Jean which is nothing short of spectacular. Ground rib steak is truly a guilty pleasure! One of us had the simple burger which was quite delish. The last person had the supremely large, special burger they offer. It is a big sandwich.

On the table, they place ketchup, mustard, thousand island dressing, a lite chili dressing, BBQ sauce and one other sauce of one kind or another.

The burgers were sizable and cooked to order. One word of advice: do not order medium well. The inside of three of our burgers was not cooked and we had to send them back for more time on the grill.

For dessert we all shared the apple crumb betty served with “ice cream.” It was very tasty, served warm, and went well with the fake ice cream. Service was attentive but not obsessive.

The cost was very reasonable, the food familiar and very tasty. We had a super good time. It is not a quiet place- it is after all, a bar! But, oh, so worth while!