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27 Emek Refaim. German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-563 0111
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim, Shmita Lechumra

This Italian dairy restaurant is a masterful example of what happens when you do everything right! The decor, the service, the food- all add up to an amazing experience. We always eat there when we are in J Town, so this trip was no exception.

The menu is literally huge- you need two hands to hold it. Dishes are authentically Italian. Pastas are made in the kitchen of this fine establishment. Many dishes are available with Buffalo Mozzarella- the very best kind there is.

Three of us had dinner there. We all left stuffed to the proverbial gills, happy and quite sated.

Appetizers: One of us had an artichoke soup and the other minestrone. The minestrone was excellent. With a dash of cumin in it, it was almost a meal in and of itself. The third appetizer was eggplant rolletini. The eggplant is wrapped around cheese. MMMMMMMM !

Dinners: One of us had one of the famous house salads for which Luciana is justly famous. The other two dishes were pepperdella- one in a sauce with whole tomatoes and garlic bulbs. The other was artichoke, sweet potato and who remembers what else? All we can say is: it was super excellent. In fact, all three dishes were quite tasty.

One of us had a cup of hot cider, served with a cinnamon stick and apple pieces for a final nip before braving the streets of Jerusalem.

Service was quite good and very attentive. Our waitress appeared very knowledgeable about almost every part of the menu (given its size, that was no small feat!)

The restaurant is always very busy- we have never seen it not busy. The crowd appears to be heavily Anglo, but there are plenty of native born Israelis who eat there, too. The wait staff all speak competent English. Finally, as we said above, the food is fantastic. Put this restaurant on your places to go to eat when in Jerusalem. Make a reservation and go. Go for the dairy meal of your life!