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This really has nothing to do with Kashruth, but there is no way we could pass this up. The article was posted on Failed Messiah and is an op-ed piece from Haaretz.

Haredi Member of Knesset wants swine flu called “Mexico Flu.

“Making swine flu kosher: A symptom of the disease of Israeli politics

By Benjamin L. Hartman, Ha’aretz

On what must have been a slow day at the Knesset, the de facto head of the Health Ministry, MK Yakov Litzman, stated Monday that swine flu would be from here on in referred to as “Mexico Flu,” as pork is non-kosher and considered unclean under Jewish law.
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While “Mexico Flu” sounds like something you’d contract during a long weekend in Nuevo Laredo, and which could be treated through a quick visit to a local free clinic, swine flu can kill, and if the early reports end up to be correct, it may have already made its way to Israel.

Litzman was quick to point out that the authorities are on top of things and are prepared to handle any cases of swine flu, even though the authorities in question are currently being managed by a man who just tried to rename swine flu so that Jews in the State of Israel will not be forced to utter a reference to pork.

While this may seem to be just the semi-weekly “Haredi government minister gone wild” comment that makes for great office banter, the truth is that it’s just one more in a series of state-sanctioned declarations by a government official that serves only to further humiliate Israel in the eyes of the world. ………………
Just when we thought we were safe from Chareidi idiocy, along comes this yahoo with yet another example of stupidity. Come on- did this guy take stupid pills or something? The worst part of all of this is MK Litzman is serious and expects people to follow his edict.

Sigh……… How tragically sad for us.