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An open letter to the Queens Vaad:

We expect the highest standards of Yiddishkeit from the Vaad. Imagine our deep disappointment at the Vaad’s horrendous behavior regarding Streit’s Matzah. Frankly, we were shocked. With no evidence to go on, you simply instructed all of the stores under your supervision that they could not sell Streti’s products.

Shame on you! It could not have been a kashruth problem, because your own spokesman said that the product was indeed kosher. You told people who had already purchased the product that they could use it. Yet, you forbid it. What’s up with that?

When did the Vaad resort to gangster techniques to fulfill its dreams of total control? Stores could not disagree with you lest they lose their Vaad certification.

J’accuse! We accuse the vaad of lashon harah, rechilut, onaat devarim, geneivat hadaat and more. The Vaad indicated that Streit’s had a chezkat kashrut, but none the less said the product was forbidden.

Do we look like fools? Do you all believe that we are stupid people? You deliberately sand-bagged Streit’s. Were you an honest group of rabbis, you would have spoken with Streit’s months earlier, not a few weeks before Pesach.

Perhaps you should disband the Vaad, and ask the good people of the Queens Jewish community to find a group of honest rabbis who actually follow the dictates of the shulchan aruch and not the dictates of rabbis who claim to have a special link to God and who claim to know exactly what He wants outside of the Torah.

Shame on you all. Please go away and make room for honest rabbis who only want to do God’s work as outlined in sacred texts.