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Sunday, we attended the wedding of Michael Herrera to Samantha Phelps- two wonderful, Jewish young adults very much in love.

What made this so special is that Michael’s parents are Alex and Andrea Herrera.

Alex is the UTJ’s cyber rebbe, responsible for our presence on the internet. Alex is also a major source for material for the Taking the MTV Challenge curriculum.

Andrea is a former editor of the Kosher Nexus, and contributer, and probably the person most responsible for its very existence. Andrea took the acorn and planted it and it became this blog with over 350,000 hits per year. In addition, Andrea gave the Nexus its name. When we began as a small, hard copy newsletter, the original name was the Kosher Crusader. Andrea hated that name and came up with the Kosher Nexus.

The wedding was wonderful. Catering was done by Andrea herself- and what a show of food she put on!! Michael and Samantha were beaming at each other the whole time. All in all, it was a wonderful affair to remember.

Mazal tov to all the families and to Michael and Samantha.