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We have seen the future and it is in the products this company makes and sells. We recently met Ms Rina Brooke, owner of SNACK’N WRITE, a Kof-K certified company. Rina is a graduate of a yeshiva, a wife, a mom and a proud Jew. And also she is quite the business lady.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would send a box of cupcakes into the classroom for your birthday? Well,no more! Federal law requires school districts to issue WELLNESS GUIDELINES. The result? No more cupcakes.

We think that is tragic and a serious bummer! Life was so much simpler when we were growing up in the age of black and white television! How did we survive?

Well, no matter, because along comes Rina to the rescue. School districts all over are buying her product and storing it. When your kid has a birthday, you call the school and order the appropriate amount. Rina’s goodies are ALL within wellness guidelines, guaranteed! Rina partnered with Wally “Famous” Amos, and together they have created an incredible array of delectible goodies all guaranteed to be within wellness guidelines.

So what does Rina sell? Brownie Caps, Vanilla and Chocolate cup cakes with icing swirled on top, and muffins galore: apple, banana, blueberry and chocolate chocolate chip. MMMMMMMM!

So, how do you get your school to get with the program? For starters go to Rina’s web page: Or you can contact Rina at The company is located in Shirley, NY.

These are truly wonderful. Kudos to Rina for having such a great idea!
Parents: all aboard the snack’n write train!