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Here is a quote taken out of yesterday’s article about ethics and kashruth.

“While much of the Orthodox community has criticized the Hekhsher Tzedek as unwieldy at best and, at worst, an attack on the Orthodox-controlled kosher certification system — it is not, its organizers insist — the founders of the two new Orthodox seals believe that as Orthodox Jews, they bear a special responsibility for the actions of businesses that cater to their community. If Jews are to take Torah seriously, the founders of these two initiatives say, they should ensure that businesses serving their needs adhere to Jewish ethical values.”

Go back and read the second line again. See the words “an attack on the Orthodox-controlled kosher certification system… .”

Yup boys and girls. It always comes down to money and hegemony. We consumers get the “bruch,” but as long as the Orthodox agencies get their pound of flesh, they are happy. Witness the wide range of things they certify that need no certification. As Jerry McGuire said: Follow the money!