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This company makes cookies on a stick. Cookies come in four inch and five inch size. Certification is by the cRc, and the cookies are pareve. These can best be described as novelty cookies. They are perfect for affairs, meetings, give aways, holidays, parties, etc.

Cookie Cuties are made by Zelda’s Sweet Shop. You can reach them at
1. 888. 44. ZELDAS

So what do they stock? Animals (zebra, lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant)
Birthday (cupcake, clown, cake, party hat, gift, etc)
Bugs and Butterflies (butterfly, bee, ladybug, etc)
American summer (eagle, fireworks, top hat, rocket, flag)
Sports (soccer ball, football, cheerleader bear, basketball, etc)
Summer fun (watermelon, sail boat, hot dog, banana split, hula bear, etc)
Jewish celebration (torah scroll, papa bear with payess, Jewish star, etc)
Rosh Hashana (apple, shofar, honey pot, apple bite, sliced apple, etc)
Hanukah (blue menorah, yellow dreidyl, macabee, pink dreidyl, etc)
Purim (megillah, jester, hamentasch, purim queen bear, etc)

The cookies are tasty, but the true fun is in the shape and colors.

Order some for your next shindig!