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Way back when we were kids, if we wanted pancakes, we made pancakes. From scratch. It took a bunch of ingredients as well as some time. Then came ready made batter in a pourable container. Finally, even that became too much. It took too much time. The next thing we knew, we could buy ready made pancakes in the freezer department of the supermarket. Not too long after that came frozen waffles, too. Later on, frozen French toast became a big seller.

It all comes down to time. Funny how we never seem to have any of that one precious commodity. Or, if we do, we don’t have enough of it!

Now comes yet another time saver. Got no time to slice a bagel and schmear it with cream cheese in the morning before you dash off to work? Well, don’t worry. Kraft has just the right thing for you.

Introducing KRAFT BAGEL-FULS. Frozen bagels already schmeared with cream cheese. No mess, no fuss and no cleanup. Wowzers, what a time saver that will be!!

Come on folks. Do we really need pre-schmeared bagels??????