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This article came from last week’s Kosher Today:

When Pigs Fly to Produce Kosher Bread
Brookline, Mass…Shoppers in this Jewish neighborhood will soon be able to buy fresh kosher breads from…When Pigs Fly. According to co-owner Andrew Siegel, the Maine-based bakery, which offers delicious and dense loaves, is scheduled to open in Brookline on June 1st. According to Siegel, bread will be baked daily in York, Maine and trucked to Boston. They’ll also carry oils, vinegars, and their new signature item, bread pudding cakes (small sizes serve three or four) in lemon-blueberry, chocolate, and other flavors. When Pigs Fly is also making cookies for the first time, which will be kosher. A baking room separate from the rest of the shop will be kosher dairy and kosher pareve (pareve means the baked goods can go with a meat or dairy meal).