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In order to protect the guilty, we shall not mention the name of the restaurant whence these menu mistakes come. Just know that this is exactly as they appear on the menu at that restaurant. Spelling, punctuation and spacing are exactly as they appear on the menu:

Lamb back ribs
For all you lamb lovers the lamb ribs are full of
Fabulous flavor and tenderness .they will bring out
The animal in you while ravaging there bones like a lion after its kill

STORY (posted on the wall, not in the menu)
It was a time of plenty so where should one goes?
I would go to a place of decades
To a place that is real
I don’t want lighting
I don’t want fake smiles
I don’t want wine glasses for water
I want what I crave for
Give me truth

Baby lamb racks
Like two swords slicing away the Limits
Of our imagination by acceding the throne with no regards to the
Former ruler it is what it is, this is war (with rosemary sauce)

Prime rib steak
This steak need no introductions picked from a prime cut grilled with the bone at 22 to 24 oz,. it is a feast for the eyes and the plate

The rib eye steak
Much like the prime rib also known as a beauty steak except this steak is grilled without the bone making it much lighter and will beautifully satisfy any meat

The butterfly fillet steak
A champion of are generation the fillet is with out a doubt the most popular and most sought after steak for its flavor and tenderness it is by far the leanest and guilt free eating steak that holds a standard of its own

The medallion steak
This beautiful earthy steak wills claim it rightful place in the willed kingdom from the first bit this steak will put a side all your notions of how a tender flavor steak should taste like the medallion. Is a steak fit for royalty

The king prime rib
Kings & queens the king rib is the king of all rib steaks it is stripped at the bone leaving a 34 oz’ of marbled glorious carnal flavor that runs through this titan steak.
It offers exquisite taste with a hint of sweetness that only comes from grilling on the bone.
Making it the ultimate steak

Baby lamp chops
Its unique flavor and taste is absolutely unmistakable and can’t be confused with
Any other and when cooked right it is simply an experience not to be missed

Veal chop
The veal leads the race of tenderness and youth.
It is soft and mouth watering delicacy.
Like no other

Jerusalem mix grille
One of X’s pride and joy’s the Jerusalem mix grill Beef, chicken & turkey with sautéed mushroom and onionsand the house recipe of spices. This mélange of meal is second to none

Grilled Cornish hen
More then anything the hen is known for his tenderness.
Its presentation is something to look forward to it will make you saver bit. And have you wish it will never end.

Chicken salad strips
With fresh Copt lettuce tomato and golden grilled chicken strips
Mix with honey mustard lemon & garlic.
This symphony of flavors is a force to be racon with.
(served with one side dish)

Marinated chicken
Four voluptuous thighs marinated in garlic and ginger hypnotizing
With their scent and alluring qualities
Leaving you helpless

The sea bass
As it came out of a fable this magical fish towers above all the rest. Its snow white color and thick meaty juicy texture makes it irresistible.(cooked with lemong butter sauce)

Salmon fillet
Salmon is the most known fish in the civilized world. This rebel swims agents the current and is every ones choice.
For the rest I will simply say there is nothing left to say

Tilapia fillet
Cooked with lemon butter sauce and vegetables it is
Lunch and dinner at the same time. When we see it laying peacefully
On the plat we almost want not to disturb it but of course we do