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In the current issue of Kashrus Magazine (Issue 138), in an article written by Rabbi Wikler (editor in chief) about the late Rav Shmuel Berenbaum, the following paragraph appears:

“A similar thing occured less than two years ago. Shortly after the kashrus tragedy in Monsey, Rav Shmuel spoke about kashrus in a drasha that he gave Motzei Shabbos Shuva. It was a powerful presentation, pointing to the source of this travesty as being in our own lack of total commitment to kashrus. Had we taken kashrus matters more seriously, said Rav Shmuel, we would have been worthy to have been saved from eating non kosher meat.”

So, if we read this correctly, it is our own fault that a merchant in Monsey apparently decided to sell trefe as kosher? It is OUR fault??? We are to blame??