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Here is some really great news as reported in this week’s (Feb 25) Kosher Today:

Exclusive: Kedem Foods Adds Pillsbury to its Roster of Imported Brands
Bayonne, NJ… Pillsbury Foods signed an agreement with Kedem Food Products to produce kosher frozen products for the U.S. market, making it the latest major brand in the portfolio of Kedem Foods. Kedem already imports Knorr’s and Lipton’s (Kosher Recipe Soup Secrets) for the kosher market in the U.S. David Herzog, CEO of Kedem Food Products International said, ‘the addition of the Pillsbury brand on kosher shelves will change the face of the kosher set.’ Harold Weiss, Vice President of Kedem Foods, added, ‘kosher consumers will enjoy a variety of Pillsbury Kosher bakery products this fall when the products reach retail shelves. We expect tremendous response from all segments of the trade since they know the reputation of the brand and the quality of their products.’

Sources told KosherToday that Kedem began negotiating with Pillsbury International more than a half year ago to produce products at the Pillsbury plant in Israel for the U.S. kosher market. The products to be launched will be frozen foods with a Mediterranean flair. Through a joint venture with General Mills Israel, the Pillsbury brand was introduced to Israel consumers in 1996. Since then, Pillsbury has become one of the leading suppliers of frozen bakery products in Israel. The move by Kedem is the company’s latest move to increase its food portfolio, particularly in frozen.