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Statement and Q&A-Starbucks Completes its Conversion – All U.S. Company-Operated Stores Use Dairy Sourced Without the Use of rBGH

Our customers asked for it, and we’re proud to say we delivered.

As of the beginning of January, our entire core dairy supply – fluid milk, half and half and whipping cream –is sourced from suppliers that do not use rBGH, a synthetic growth hormone. We take our customers’ requests seriously. After over a year of work with our suppliers, every espresso drink that’s ordered in our company-operated stores now comes with dairy sourced without the use of rBGH.

Why did you make this change?
We pride ourselves on the understanding we have developed of our customers’ desires based on our close relationship with them. We took this step exclusively in response to continued customer demand for dairy produced without the use of rBGH.

Is this the result of health concerns regarding rBGH?
We are taking this step only in response to requests from our customers.

Why are you pulling organic milk out of your U.S. stores?
We began offering organic milk in 2001 as an interim solution for customers who wanted milk that was sourced without the use of rBGH. At the time, offering organic milk was the best way that we could address customer requests surrounding synthetic growth hormones used by some dairy farmers. Customer orders of drinks made with organic milk have consistently been a small percentage of total orders. With our conversion to dairy products produced without the use of rBGH, thereby eliminating the primary reason our customers ordered organic, we’ve decided to stop stocking organic milk in our stores. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Does this conversion cover all stores? What about internationally?
Core dairy products produced without rBGH are available in all U.S. company-operated Starbucks stores. Most locations outside the U.S. are not affected as rBGH is not approved for use in many countries.