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The Late July company makes a lot of really neat, organic products. Certification is OU-D. The taste is superlative! Check it out! The following is from the company’s web page:

Organic Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Late July is a moment in time when life is simple, pure and good. It’s watching your child laughing and playing with his dog on the beach. It’s the middle of summer when you’re knee deep in sand castles and problems are a million miles away. It’s also our name and our life philosophy. Having our youngest generation, the boy on the box and his younger brother, at the office almost every day helps us slow down and cherish those moments. It also provides a constant reminder that our ingredients need to be as special and pure as the moment in time they represent.

The intensity of our dark chocolate is achieved by blending pure organic chocolate with a hint of irresistible organic vanilla. This filling is then sandwiched between two rich chocolate cookies creating a decadent treat that celebrates the true superiority of the organic cacao bean. We hope you enjoy them.

~ Steve, Nicole and Family

Organic Vanilla Bean with Green Tea Sandwich Cookies

Sustainably harvested from a beautiful orchid, organic vanilla is one of the most interesting and irresistible flavors in the world. Our simple and delicious filling blends pure, organic vanilla and just a hint of sweet organic green tea to create the perfect complement for our rich chocolate cookies. We hope you enjoy them.

~ Steve, Nicole and Family

Organic Classic Crackers
Organic Classic Rich Crackers
Our family has always loved buttery rich crackers, so we were thrilled to create the first organic version. Its slightly sweet, toasted taste is the perfect compliment for a homemade dip and is a great topping for macaroni and cheese. We also recommend crushing and rolling them to use whenever a recipe calls for breadcrumbs.

Organic Classic Saltine Crackers
Saltines have been a big part of New England cuisine for over a century. Inspired by this tradition, we created our Organic Classic Saltine Cracker, as a hearty old-fashioned soda cracker with a lingering fresh-baked flavor. We recommend this lightly salted cracker with fish chowder or with a sharp farmhouse cheddar.

Organic Classic Sandwich Crackers

Organic Classic Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers
These sandwich crackers have been the most difficult product line to launch in my family’s 25 years of snack making, but they are also the ones we’re most proud of.
The peanut butter for our sandwich crackers is made by roasting and grinding organically-grown Valencia peanuts. We then spread it on our Organic Classic Rich Crackers, which are made with organic red winter wheat, and have a buttery, toasted flavor. This timeless combination results in an organic, trans fat free snack with a rewarding taste and texture: slightly salty and crunchy, with a lingering sweet, earthy, nutty flavor. It’s a delicious home-style snack that you and your family can feel good about eating.
~ Steve, Nicole & the entire Late July Family

Organic Classic Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers
The cheddar cheese for our sandwich crackers comes from carefully selected dairy farms where healthy cows eat organic feed, and are never given hormones or antibiotics. The milk is blended, cheddared and aged to produce the mild, but well-developed flavor. We then spread the cheese on our Organic Classic Rich Crackers. Their flaky texture and buttery, toasted flavor makes them a perfect complement for our flavorful, organic cheddar cheese; the result is an organic, trans fat free, home-style version of a classic combination.
We hope you enjoy!
~ Steve & the entire Late July Family

Organic Bite Size Sandwich Crackers
Organic Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers
While carefree mid-summer days inspired our name, the love of family inspired our ideals. On any given day you can find three generations at work including my father and cofounder, mother, husband, aunt, and three-year-old son, the boy on the front and the biggest fan of our new organic mini sandwich crackers.

As a mother I’m constantly in the position where I need to give my son a snack on the go, but I’m not willing to sacrifice the quality of the ingredients for convenience. These mini sandwich crackers were developed with him in mind. Our family hopes you enjoy them.
~ Nicole & the entire Late July Family