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The following article appeared in Kosher Today on Dec 24th.

Conservative Rabbi Prevails in Securing Kosher Food at Hockey Games
Margate, FL…

Rabbi Paul Plotkin, the rabbi of the Conservative Temple Beth Am, is a passionate fan of the NHL team the Florida Panthers. For the past 4 years, he has made steady gains in persuading the team to offer glatt kosher fare. The gains recently led to a goal as the Panthers finally agreed to open a glatt kosher kiosk serving hot dogs, sausages, and knishes. The provider will be Kosher Sports Inc., headed by Jonathan Katz, its president & CEO. The first game with the glatt kosher fare will be on January 8th when the Panthers face the Pittsburgh Penguins. Kosher Sports operates kosher stands and kiosks at many sporting events, including the U.S. Open Tennis Championships and the to the NFC Championship Game. Kosher Sports is under the supervision of the Star-K certification of Baltimore.