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The latest issue of KASHRUS Magazine features an article by the editor calling for mediation in matters of kashruth. The author maintains that disagreements in Kashruth could be better handled in mediation rather than in confrontation.

He relates three “popular” and recent disgraceful events that shook the kosher world. Although he does not mention names, he is abundantly clear about whom he is writing. Two of the cases involve a restaurant in Manhattan (the mashgiach ultimately went public with a blog and web site) and a store in the Five Towns. The author basically feels that mediation would have served both better than the shameful and public display they put on.

On this matter, we have to agree. Just about anything else other than the disgusting, public display of fireworks, lashon harah and richilut would have been better.

We have to wonder, though. What are the odds that there will be mediation? After all, in matters of Kashrut, both sides believe they are correct and maybe even have God Himself on their side. So, we ask the question: If you think you are correct in a matter of kashrut would you submit to mediation, the crux of which is almost always some sort of compromise?

We salute them over at Kashrus magazine. We like the idea. And we also believe in the coming of the Messiah.