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Have you had any pastrami lately? Did you notice anything about the meat? “Like what?” you ask. How about lousy meat? How about pastrami made from chuck meat and not brisket? What happened to pastrami so tender it melts in your mouth? How did it happen that much tougher meat is now being used instead? And why are we paying more and more for a cut of meat that is clearly not up to snuff?

We are not sure when it happened, but we are not happy about it. In the summer time, a common shabbat, cold meat meal meant corned beef and pastrami. Well, forget the pastrami- it just aint worth it any more!

With one kosher agency reporting (in print) that they average a 30% glatt rate in every shechita, shouldn’t there be enough meat for the market? A 30% glatt average is a huge amount of glatt meat; a number that has never ever obtained in the real world- at least up to now!

So again- why the lower grade meat?