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We are not sure just what bothers us the most about yesterday’s story concerning kosher for Passover gasoline. Frankly, we think the whole thing stinks!

Here, then, in no particular order are the things that bother us about the whole situation.

We are NOT forbidden to derive benefit from corn on Passover. The station owner’s statement notwithstanding, he is wrong. The halacha is abundantly clear on this.

That a rabbi would lend his name to this insanity really bothers us. Non religious Jews will see the story and skoff at those of us who genuinely try to keep kosher for Passover with a full heart. People will laugh at the whole situation and say something about “those crazy frummies.” So, the whole thing becomes a chilul hashem.

But what really tweaks us is the thought that somewhere down the road, the chumra of the week crowd will turn this into the chumra of the week. How long until some other crazy rabbis start to claim that we have to use KP gasoline in our cars?

The whole thing is a disgrace in our opinion.