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Well, so far on this trip, we have eaten in Steakiyat Tzidkiyahu twice.Each time it was a gustatory feast- a real treat for the stomach!!

We still can not get over the fourteen different side dishes/appetizers that are put on the table. Not only do they put all that food on the table, but they keep replenishing the supply!

Dinner was excellent as the four of us who were there shared beef kabobs, pargiyot (baby chicken), marinated steak meat, and schwarma. The steak meat on the skewer was incredibly tender and moist. Everything was taam gan eden.

We ate a lot of food, sang some silly songs, and all in all, had a wonderful time.

When you go to Israel, this is a must visit place. Located in Talpiot at 21 Yad Charutz St, the restaurant is a winner!