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As most of our readers know, we love Decks restaurant in Tiberias. We eat there whenever we can.

On Sunday night, Jan 28th, we were in Tiberias and four of us dined at Decks.

As we walked in, Yaara greeted us with a look of total shock! We had made the reservation in some one else’s name, so they did not know we were coming. But Yaara recovered quickly and we were given a royal Decks welcome!

Dinner was spectacular. We had our usual feast: onion loaf and dipping sauce for our first course. Green salad (but no quail eggs) for the second course. The main dinner was a fire pan loaded with grilled sweet potatoes, mushrooms and peppers. On the fire pan, there were duck, filet steak (rear quarter meat), chicken and baby lamb chops. In addition, we had parsley garlic fries (that one is a bit of an oxymoron- garlic to stink your breath and parsley to clean the palate and restore good breath!).

Dinner was a feast and we dined for several hours. We polished off a bottle of wine, some soda and some cold water. Dessert was off the menu because we all were watching our girlish figures. (Yeah, right!)

Decks remains a Kosher Nexus Five Fork winner! We love going there. We go there whenever we can. And, so, too, should you!