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We popped into one of our most favorite places for lunch. Long time readers of the KN know that we love that little restaurant and eat there whenever we can.

Well, the short story is that nothing has changed- we still give it a thumbs up all the way. There are some new menu items, but on the whole, in this world of lemon freshened, disposable, new and improved products and places, some places remain the same. Putting it another way, they never let us down. When we eat there, we are never disappointed.

We went there two days in a row for lunch/dinner. We were four people. We each had a beverage, a plate of hummus for the table, and dinner. One of us had their new soup- bean soup.

The bean soup is a potent mixture of beans, tomatoes and good taste. The soup is hearty and stays with you for a long while!

Two of us had rice and beans with a piece of kabob meat (spiced chopped meat cooked on a skewer. Two of us had schnitzel and salad. The schnitzel there is the best in Israel. End of story. The guys eating the kabob plate said the meat was perfect.

The restaurant is justly famous for their hummus which they make fresh very early in the morning before they open for breakfast (pareve only).

Service there is quick. Food comes within minutes of your order. We ordered, went to do netilat yadaim, and by the time we said motzi, the food was on the table! Prices are extremely reasonable. The food is very tasty. All in all, a great place to eat. But don’t expect to sit and relax there. The demand for table space is so high that most Israelis come, scarf down the food and leave- chik chak!

The place is a great place and a wonderful experience. Oh, and by the way, we will always be in debt to Rabbi Price of the UTJ for taking us there a few years ago for our first time. Thank you, Rabbi!

Misadat Pinati is just adjacent to the Midrochov on a corner, half a block off of Ben Yehuda on King George.