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December 17, 2006 Highland Park, NJ. announces that they are carrying a limited supply of the only kosher certified nam pla (Thai fish sauce) available in the US. Alyssa Kaplan, President of explains, “When we started, one of our goals was to find interesting gourmet kosher products. One of our most sought after items was nam pla – Thai Fish sauce used in various Asian recipes. This is also an ingredient that many of my customers have asked about. We found a supplier at Kosherfest in 2004 and was told it would be ready in March 2005. Now, nearly 2 years later it has arrived.” is also carrying red curry paste and green curry paste as well as authentic Wasabi with 96% wasabi root. All items are kosher under The supervision of BADATZ Federation of Synagogues, London and the Rabbanut Rashit of Israel. Alyssa Kaplan also mentioned that they hope to receive more based on the demand for it. founded in 2004, has over 1,500 gourmet kosher products for sale and over 65 vendors participating on the site.

For more information, please contact Alyssa Kaplan at 732-779-1046 or at