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Here is a really neat press release we recently got:

We are pleased to introduce the world’s one and ONLY GLATT KOSHER BISON BILTONG JERKY. Fully USDA certified and as tasty and flavorful as our original Biltong Jerky recipes, we are sure this will be the new exciting product that everyone will be talking about. Available now at our LOW INTRODUCTORY price. Did you know that Bison has half the calories and 10% of the fat of its beef equivalent? Please visit www.Kosher to check out all of our products.

Bison Jerky

Delicious, Unique, and Tasty…Truly Kosher Heaven. The ONLY Kosher Bison Jerky available. Our low introductory price won’t last long, get it now.
Our regular and spicy Biltong Beef Jerky is now available in Supersol Queens, Great Neck Glatt, The Butcherie (Boston) and many more locations nationwide.

Our LOW SALE Price: $11.99

Check Out All Our Products

We are committed to providing you, our loyal customer, with the latest and highest quality products available. And, as always, outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about our new product offering, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you.


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