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Not available in any store. No!
Only available on line via the company’s web site.

What is it? It is the multi pack of incredible new flavors of M and M candies. The new flavors are, of course, kosher.

Try these on for size:

New flavors for M&M’S

Posted Nov 16th 2006 12:04PM by Nicole Weston
Filed under: Chocolate, Candy, New Products
Aside from a few limited edition flavors, such as the mint chocolate that is released around Christmas, M&M’S aren’t candies that get too exotic. They stick to milk, dark and white chocolate, with the occasional nut or other filling thrown in. But now, on their website, M&M’S is launching eight new flavors of the popular candies. The new flavors, which are sold in a “premium collectible” tin, include:

  • All That Razz – Creamy white chocolate + milk chocolate + raspberry-flavored candy shell
  • Eat, Drink and Be Cherry – Creamy white chocolate + milk chocolate + black cherry-flavored candy shell
  • A Day at the Peach – Creamy white chocolate + milk chocolate + peach-flavored candy shell
  • Orange-U Glad – Creamy white chocolate + milk chocolate + orange-flavored candy shell
  • AlmonDee-licious – Almond + creamy white chocolate + candy shell
  • Mint Condition – Creamy white chocolate + milk chocolate + mint-flavored candy shell
  • Nut What You Think – Peanut + creamy white chocolate + candy shell
  • Cookie Mintster – Crispy center + dark chocolate + speckled mint-flavored candy shell

Unfortunately, there is no indication that these flavors will be available offline, so if you want to try them, you’ll have to purchase the whole $49.95 package. Alternatively, you could get the tin as a gift for an M&M-loving family member and just “share” with them.