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Wowzers! We are seriously full. The only problem with eating at Mollie B’s is that four or five days later you have to eat again!!

Mollie had a house full of hungry people, so she was at her Southern hospitality best! From 2:30 until almost 8:00pm, the food never stopped. Gluttons that we are, neither did we!

The pre dinner snack was mini hot dogs, chopped liver, barbeque ribs made with a home made sauce, and fliegelach (wings)- a huge mountain of them, sticky, sweet, and taam gan eden!

There were crudities and salsas and chips and nuts and probably a few more things that we missed.

Dinner was enough to feed two starving nations:

Of course there was turkey- succulent, moist, perfect turkey. There was a magnificent roast, too. String beans with mushrooms, three different gefilliks (stuffings), some made in the bird, some not. There was an amazing dish of brussel sprouts with cranberries and walnuts. The sprouts were crunchy, not mushy, so the taste was sort of redolent of mustard. There was a salad of hearts of palm, tomatoes and asparagus tips. Oven cooked potatoes, sweet potatoes. Purple cabbage, carrot and cranberry salad. A cranberry sauce made with kosher gelatin. A regular tossed salad with home made dressing. A vegetable souffle. And whatever else we may have missed.

Dessert was never ending: pumpkin pie, apple pie with chocolate praline, pumpkin pie with chocolate praline, two different coconut custard desserts, brownies, fruit, chocolate chip challah bread pudding, apple raisin cinnamon kugel, more nuts, and assorted beverages.

As we said above, we may have to eat again in a few days.

Thanksgiving at Mollie B’s is a great day of family and friends, good discussion (much of it in Yiddish), performing children, and a genuine sense of gratitude to God for all the blessings He bestows upon us. Thank you Mollie B!